We are the sexy, alternative Cyanide Girls who are here to add a little something to your special event.

Whether you want a full stage show or a Coyote Ugly moment in your bar, our girls are ready when you are. Each girl has an individual talent they like to show off, it normally involves Angle Grinders, a Pole, some Chairs, Fire Dancing, Fire Poi, Fire Eating and Fire Breathing, we do it all.

We can choreograph dance routines or freestyle for your music video, as a group or as single performers. We can give you a full fire show, as we are trained professionals with experience and our own insurance, transport and equipment.  We can perform to any kind of music, though we specialise in all things rock and roll, we have hosted and performed at drum and bass nights.

Our girls create a wild, jaw-dropping show, which is never the same twice.

What we can do for you;
*A full show performance
*Fire shows
*Meet and Greets
*Promotional work
*Shot selling
*Dance workshops
& Much more!

Contact us for more details!